Road Safety Week at Rhyl: Dangers of drink and drug driving

  Posted: 20.11.20 at 17:00 by The Editor

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Rhyl Nub News has joined together with Rhyl Paramedic and North Wales road safety champion Dermot O’Leary to support Road Safety Week.

We have linked in with the paramedic who has worked out of Rhyl Ambulance Station for almost two decades, to share his experience of teaching and promoting road safety through his role to all community ages.

Road Safety Week was founded in 1997 by Brake, the road safety charity to promote steps everybody can take to stop needless accidents and injuries on the UK’s roads. This year’s theme is ‘No Need To Speed’.

Through the week we will cover points from the ‘Fatal Five’, a term Dermot and emergency services colleagues in North Wales use to teach teenagers and adults road safety values.

The Fatal Five includes excessive speed, anti-social driving, no seatbelts, drink or drug driving and using a mobile phone while driving.

Today we talked to Dermot about the dangers of drink and drug driving.

The Rhyl paramedic explained socially more people are obeying the drink driving rules in today’s times but pointed out the dangers that alcohol and drugs can still do to a driver behind the wheel of a vehicle.

He said: “One time it used to be quite a common thing when I was a kid, people would have a couple of drinks and drive home .But now thankfully it seems to have become more anti-social than it used to be.

“If you say to people drink driving a lot of people will say ‘that’s terrible’ but if you were to say to the same people mobile phone use behind the wheel? They wouldn’t see it the same way.”

The road safety veteran added that more education was perhaps needed when it comes to people’s awareness of drug driving.

“If you say to them drug driving? A lot of people might think ‘oh it’s alright the occasional cannabis joint it doesn’t harm’.”

He added: ”Well it does. Anything that’s not supposed to be in your body that you put in there will have an effect and if you are in charge of a tonne and a half of metal on the road and your ability is affected to deal with it correctly – it’s just a recipe for death and disaster…it really is."

For more information on Road Safety Week visit their website

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